Celine Evangelista Sobs After Seeing Her Husband’s Video

The celebrity world is now busy with the story of the couple Celine Evangelista and Stefan William after being in the spotlight until they cry. It’s not just looking for business opportunities, these two young couples have good careers in the world of acting. The reason is that after the two of them got married, there were almost no oblique issues regarding their domestic life. However, recently it was rumored that the relationship between the two celebrity couples Celine Angelista and Stefan Wiliam was fractured. https://www.haytheatre.com/

In fact, how many months has Celine Evangelista separated from home with Stefan William. Suddenly, the destruction of Celine Evangelista and Stefan William’s household brought confusion to many people. The reason is, both of them have not yet given additional information about the exact cause of their separation. No wonder at the beginning of the bad news, there was an issue about a third person. slot online terbaru

The news of the breakdown of their household was confirmed by Celine Evangelista in tears. Celine explains that she and Stefan are in a bad relationship. Stefan William and Celine Evangelista are also rumored to be getting divorced. Some time ago, Celine explained that Stefan William left the house until he had never met with his children.

Celine Evangelista’s tears immediately broke after being shown a video of her husband with another woman

Celine Evangelista was crying after being chased until she got emotional after seeing the video. Celine Evangelista also hoped that netizens would not send her the next video. Celine Evangelista’s request is in her Instagram Story. But it didn’t take long for the next post to be deleted. When giving an additional explanation at the Viral Coffee program, Celine Evangelista couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. It came out on the Trans TV Official YouTube channel which aired on Monday (18/10/2021).

“It only took me a few minutes to bring it back (Insta Story) because of the possibility of my momentary emotions,” said Celina. Then, he also admitted that he was tired of the household turmoil that he had been facing along with Stefan William, who turned out to have a hobby of playing pragmatic demos. She said she didn’t want to see a video where her husband was suspected of being with another woman. “I feel like I’m tired, I don’t want to see,” Celine said, crying. Even so, she did not want her husband to get bad grades by netizens. This mother of four children said her husband was a very good figure for her.

“But I don’t want people to think my husband is not good, yes, my husband is a good man and the best,” said Celine. On the other hand, he also admits that he is not a perfect person. However, as an ordinary human being, he was very hurt when he saw his husband with another woman. “I’m also not a holy person, I’m also not a good person, I still have shortcomings, I still have mistakes, I’m just an ordinary human being, but it still hurts me to see that,” said Celine.

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