Video Blasting SEO Services

With over 1.73 billion Internet users worldwide, and over 253 million in the US. 180 million of them watched online videos in December 2009. On average, over 20 billion videos are viewed per month.

So the question is: Are their eyes on you?

  • Video became a top marketing priority in 2010.
  • Online video gives you a decisive edge over your competition.
  • Well-optimized videos have a greater chance of securing page one rankings in Google
  • Our industry-leading proprietary techniques are backed by years of  experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing.
  • We know that your videos need to secure top of the line rankings and we have the expertise to carry out the most effective Video SEO campaigns.

Our Video Blasting services can bring you one step closer to your goal of improving your site’s ranking in the search engines. Our service will propel your brand to the top, driving profitable traffic to your website.

Greater exposure, commanding rankings are within your reach. Let Websites Divine execute your Video SEO campaign and you can watch your business grow.

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If you prefer to do a lot of the legwork yourself, then I suggest that you use one of our favorite tools, Traffic Geyser. We use Traffic Geyser for the actual video broadcasting. Delivering the video to many of the top video portals, podcasts, blogs and ping services that we use! Traffic Geyser…click here


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