Video Teaching Websites

Video is probably the most popular medium in use on the internet today. We have been in video for over 10 years and are now providing a perfect solution for our clients with video teachings. Our goal is to give the site the ability to grow from dozens to thousands of members all while giving you an easy back-end interface to add new content, edit pages etc.

We found that web users like the interaction that comes from an open site where they can communicate freely with the site owner and others. However that opens the door to the “bad guys” who like the open door to come post their filth. Our solution to the need and the problem was creating members-only websites and tying it to a paypal subscription. So whether it is a $1/year or $50/month or whatever fee you decide, all members are able to freely interact in a safe environment with other “like minded” members. The bad-guys are not interested in paying to access your site. If they did, a few quick complaints would have them removed anyway and they lose their fee.

Your video content can be free to view by your registered (paying) members. A digital e-store is included as well which is open to members and non-members alike. You would usually give members a discount that non-members do not receive. This is another way to receive more members is the discount usually covers the cost of membership and becomes an easy decision for them.

We take new clients based on the demographics and the following the client currently enjoys to determine if it is in everyone’s best interest to use this type of website. During our initial interview we will determine an opinion as to whether we feel it will be a success. If we are confident that this type of site is not a fit, we will say so and advise another solution for you. If we feel that the scenario is a strong candidate for success we will say so as well. We do not make any guarantees as to any income potential and our opinion is not a guarantee.

If we mutually agree to move forward, the cost for services will be $400/Month per website we administrate. There may be some other hard costs that we may ask you to supply that are related, like aweber email marketing service, but separate from our services. The monthly fee is permanent and due monthly. A $150 discount is available if you prepay for 12 months. Most clients find the site pays for itself very quickly. Actual results will vary.

We look forward to talking to you about your project.

Thank You,
Victor Schultz
417-770-7648 – phone