Ready to Start?

Great! We will be asking you to trust us as your website’s “financial” focus will be changing drastically. You will not be asking for donations pretty soon to keep the ministry going as you will find yourself with more membership partners than you can imagine.

Our fee is $400/Month for the first site which will be your main source of income as well as location to interact with all the members by way of giving them new materials on a regular basis. In exchange you will receive a steady supply of income from many happy members. Our fee is paid out from the funds the members are paying into so we basically do not cost you anything except the initial set-up charge of $600 which mostly covers hard costs to set up the server, themes software, etc. The fee is usually covered within one email being sent out to your following. And that is how our fruitful relationship will begin. It has been very satisfying to have helped so many clients turn around their ministries finances. I look forward to working with you.

Before you begin, here is what we require from you before we will accept your project.

  • A following – 1,000 is usually a good number and will yield you satisfactory results. 500 has worked, but it would depend on how much they love your material. If you have 100 people in your email list, then you need to first build that up and you may need to wait a bit.
  • A product – If you have very few teachings actually recorded, then you are not offering the members very much. You will need a lot of teachings to have them feeling like they are the ones who got the “better” deal….so to speak. You will need to put up new material on a steady basis. Once a week is best, but every other week is not too slow. Most clients put out at least one teaching a week.
  • Interactivity – These are members. they will occasionally ask a follow up question or need an explanation as to something you taught. You will need to check your comment area and respond to them as needed. Sometimes it is privately done and other-times it is right on the webpage you taught on. People love to see you are willing to answer them and they them feel like a member and part of your ministry.
  • A commitment – You are agreeing to work with us on the total restructuring of your website and to stay with Websites Divine and keep your subscription to our service perpetually. We are not charging you 10,000 up front, but a small monthly fee that includes ongoing support and site maintenance and upgrades, tech support etc. etc.
  • You may cancel at anytime, but you will lose the system that we put into your site that controls members and memberships. You will receive all site content that you entered, and a list of all members, but the connection we install will be removed and you will go back to a donation and completely open (free) site to all and members will have no benefit over anyone who comes in free.

If you are ready to get started and agree to the above, then click the link below to get started. You will be charged for the setup and first month fee up front, then $400 per month. That is $1,000 today and $400/Month thereafter. Your site will be ready to run within 30 days.

I agree to the requirements on this page.