Our Story

Our Story

In 1999 Websites Divine started out as small web design company working mainly in the Real Estate industry. We developed the first IDX system in the nation that integrated all listings with virtual tours. It has still never been duplicated.

In 2005 my friend Rico Cortes was a guest in my home and I was discussing the ministry with him. Like so many other teachers he was traveling the country with 3 or 4 teachings and would teach those to the groups at on-site meetings. It was exhausting work and was wearing on him. I mulled it over and asked him "how would you like to teach everyone every week. How would you like to stay at home and have thousands of people supporting your work every month?"

He could not see how that was possible but I think he was too tired to argue with me and said just do it. He did not know what he had gotten himself into. Everything was about to change for him, his understanding of scripture, the people he ministered to as well as finally seeing real support coming into the ministry on a regular basis.

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Our system costs thousands to set up, but not for you!

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