A New Focus

Why donation sites do not work. First, lets define the two terms .

A Donation is any case where a contact gives to your ministry, but receives no ongoing, tangible benefits for their generosity. A Donation may be a single fixed amount, or it may be part of a recurring or automated donation schedule. Donations are usually given to a ministry based on an emotional impulse like compassion, love, pity, gratefulness or conviction but hopefully not condemnation which is unfortunately is often felt when pressured to “give” causing many people to donate or just shut the door forever. As the person in charge of asking for the donation, this is usually very difficult and uncomfortable to do.

The next area removes the need to ask for money and has a very unexpected side effect……..increased donations.

A Membership, unlike a donation, does have ongoing, tangible benefits, and most often those benefits are dependent upon continued financial support to your organization from the Contact. Our tangible benefit is to offer all materials that we have. This may be in the form of video teachings, audio teachings, music or related tangible product or service. These benefits will often have a fixed time frame in which they are available, at which time a new payment is required to maintain the benefits. Due to the fact that Members are receiving a very valuable service and often feel like they are getting the better part of the deal…because they are, they will do something that would not do before….add a donation on top of their membership fee.

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