Basic steps to Get Traffic from Youtube

Youtube is a powerful source to get traffic to your website. With 3 billion daily views, it is ranked as the second largest search engine right behind Google, and the third most visited website in the Milky Way.

Posting a video on Youtube not only will get you exposure on its search engine, but you will also get indexed by Google as well based on your keywords you choose for your video.

Here are 3 simple ways to get traffic from Youtube. Follow these tips to help get traffic to your website.

Add a Call to Action to the Video Description Box

Every time you upload your videos on YouTube, you’re able to add a description of the content. You can make your description help you get more traffic by adding a 5-6 call to action with your website’s URL.

IMPORTANT…Always start the description like this: Make sure you visit my…..

You see that the very first thing is the website url with the http://. Make sure that is there and the user will be able to click right on it and end up on your website! It must be first as well so it shows up every time. You have seen how long descriptions always show just an excerpt and then will show …read more.

Well most of the time people dont click to read more, but they will click a website if interested….enough said!

You can also add a paragraph of text to describe your video and take the chance to add your URL again at the end.

Create a Call to Action in Your Videos

Make sure that your videos tell your viewers exactly what to do, for example “go to my website”. You have to also mention how to do it and why to do it to get any significant responses.

A great way of getting people to complete your call to action is by providing something free, such as a free report, video or teaching to get that new visitor.

Add Call to Action Overlay

The Overlay itself is a simple banner ad that sits on the lower third of your video. You can customize the copy, thumbnail image, and the desired destination you want to send users to. It’s quick to set up, and adding it will help you get the extra boost of traffic to your website.

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